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Mayoral Candidate for Thames Centre, Kelly Elliott

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Newsload whole heartily endorses Kelly Elliott, current Deputy Mayor, now Mayoral Candidate in Thames Centre. AJ Jarvis, crack Newsload Field Correspondent/Host gets Kelly talking about her love of big caucuses, her problem with leprechauns and why she suspiciously dresses in the colours of McDonalds.

By Bryan Bakker

Kelly is exactly the kind of politician everyone needs serving their interests. She cares, she's knowledgeable, she has a great sense of humour but has limits to what she thinks is funny. Most importantly, she is authentic. In an age where trust is the number one thing in government, Kelly wears her heart on her sleeve as a fearless advocate for all the people of Thames Centre. Enjoy getting to know her.

Like Kelly Elliott, Newsload London loves a woman with a big caucus.

On August 25th, our Newsload crew ventured out to Dorchester Golf and Country Club for a super fun shoot with Kelly Elliott, current deputy Mayor of Thames Centre and vying for the top spot. Having been introduced by a dear friend of the Newsload, Laura Campeau, our team hit it off quickly with Kelly and Kirk (her campaign manager).

Kelly is one of a new breed of politician who is cheerful and bright and genuine and real. It was a true delight to meet her and get to know what issues motivate her to better her community. She is also wise enough to understand that social media hasn't just changed politics, it has transformed it. Knowing this she was excited to leverage the power the Newsload promises to get her messages out to people throughout Thames Centre.

AJ Jarvis took on the task of interviewing Kelly. As an experienced improvisor he came in with some rough knowledge of the issues Kelly talks about. Nothing is scripted in a Newsload Report/Interview - we plan some loose gags then execute with authenticity and fun on location. AJ did a terrific job in record time, along with the rest of our team.

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