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Get That Finger Up There

Newsload Special Correspondent Carrie Anne Stephenson visits the famous Kutz Barber Shop on King Street West in London to interview former city councillor Harold Usher. Find out from Harold what issues he says should top the list for city council, how underwear impacts men's health and why we all need too, "Get That Finger Up There".

Kutz Barber Shop is centrally located across from Covent Garden Market in downtown London and has a distinct feel that makes it iconic London, Ontario. Carrie Anne and I spent a few hours there Tuesday chatting with Harold Usher, former London city councillor about London politics and men's health.

Harold wrote a book entitled Prostate! Prostate! Prostate! in the wake of surviving a near miss with prostate cancer and now spends much of his time trying to spread the word about what he learned during that ordeal.

While there we met Christian and Nina, both stylists with great skills and a great sense of humour. The Newsload wants to thank all of you for being so generous with your time and we look forward to working together again soon!


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