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Earth Feast London

Jester Lind visits Earthfest London to explore the importance of the environment on our lives. Though we're pretty skeptical that our natural environment has any impact on our health and future we figured we'd check it out anyway.

HUGE THANK YOU to everyone we interviewed. Not everything made the final cut but we really appreciate the fun and kindness you showed us. THANK YOU!!!


Jester Lind hosting Newsload's This Jest In at Earthfest London in 2023
Save Soil

"Save Soil is a global movement, uniting citizens behind a common purpose – to Save Soil. The proposed solution is to aim for at least 3-6% organic content in the soil (based on soil type, climate, and agricultural practices) by bringing the land under shade from vegetation and enriching the soil through plant litter and animal waste."

INSTAGRAM: @consciousplanet

Save Soil is an international organization drawing attention to an issue that is not talked about enough. Soil quality is diminishing worldwide while populations continue to grow. The Save Soil Website is insightful and pulls no punches - definitely worth a look.


Glen Cairn Community Resource Centre

"Glen Cairn Community Resource Centre's Food for All program aims to reduce food waste by transforming soon-to-be perished produce into enhanced Good Food Boxes and stable shelf-life products, such as prepared meals, soups, smoothies, and juices. Their main goal is to decrease the amount of food waste in local landfills, while supporting ongoing employment, reducing poverty, increasing dignity, and creating lasting change in people's lives. Visit their booth at Earthfest to learn more about their inspiring mission and the positive impact of their program."

INSTAGRAM: @greeneconomyldn

Jester Lind hosting Newsload's This Jest In at Earthfest London in 2023

Doing something simple and innovative locally to help feed London's under housed and under fed populations is a great cause and much needed in every community. Every effort makes a big difference because every effort impacts individual lives in a big way. Thank you for all you do!

City of London Solid Waste

Another under valued aspect of our local infrastructure is wastewater treatment and removal. Jester and the Newsload hope to cover some of the amazing science that is being done to keep regional populations healthy and safe, but in the meantime bringing attention to the prevalence of "Fatbergs" as they're called on our lives is hard to understate. Barry calls it right. For your own properties sake and everyone please don't use your water drainage as a garbage disposal. Put grease waste in a FOG cup or the garbage.

Jester Lind from This Just In produced by The Newsload

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