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Jester Lind: Newsload BIO

Jester Lind is a natural performer and a wonderful person who has a passion for comedy and for our community. In short a terrific addition to the Newsload team!

Whenever I work with a new comedian, gracious enough to lend their time and talent to the Newsload (learn more about joining us here) I always ask them to provide me with a bio and some links for this very blog. When I asked Jester, this is what he provided...

Jester Lind is made with only the finest potatoes, thinly sliced and cooked to perfection. Grown in London Ontario and seasoned with spices from Japan, Thailand and China, before getting 'Flavour Blasted' in the United States, Jester is more of a cracker than a chip. Jester is best enjoyed saucy or cheesy.