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'This Jest In' With Jester Lind

Jester Lind, a local stand-up comedian, writer and citizen journalist, joins the Newsload team to help inform Londoners of important local news stories.

In late February I joined Twisted Mint (Jordan Minter & Dan Twist) at Olive R. Twists to film their annual stand-up comedy contest! It was a fun night of hilarious local comedy and I was super thrilled and privileged to film them all strutting their stuff.

The evening though was not without its hiccups. As I looked for a way to hook my audio recorder up to the P.A. it became clear the P.A. system itself had been left in disarray from a music show the night before. As a proud generalist, I can over come most problems with time, but time was short and this was a serious head ache well beyond my capabilities.