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England - A Land for “Fancy a Cuppa?”

The small country that packs a big punch to what you can see and experience. It is known as the land of quirkiness, and they embrace that well.

England - Parliament Buildings - photo provided by Susan Eliuk

They do some different things you might not see in other parts of the world such as chase cheese down a steep hill just for fun. They will make anything a celebration to enjoy.

Most people will either fly into Heathrow International airport or Gatwick even though there are about 6 airports within the city of London. Sightseeing in London is great especially if you use the double-decker bus. Most people who come to London want to visit Big Ben, then head to Buckingham Palace, visit the London Eye (the world’s largest observation wheel) and on to visit Westminster Abbey where many of the royals tied the knot along with the Parliament buildings. Within London itself there is such a diversity of cultures and hidden treasures within London’s streets to enjoy and experience with their arts, culture and fashion.

England - Big Ben - photo provided by Susan Eliuk

To get the feel of the people and area a definite is pop into the pubs and have yourself a pint. Converse with the locals as they talk to you about their stores. Each pub has their charm and special amenities hidden within their walls. London is known for their fine cuisine with their Michelin star restaurants, but your meals are not complete unless you have your fish and chips in the paper bag. Don’t forget to do the typically English breakfast along with their well-known afternoon tea served with their finger sandwiches, scones, cakes and jams.

You can visit at any time despite people may say there is a raining season. March to mid-June and September to November is a good time to visit to avoid the crowds that come in the summer months. Yes, England does get sunshine especially along the southern coast. They have some great beaches that many a people enjoy and do dip their toes and more in the ocean..

England - Tower Bridge - photo provided by Susan Eliuk

England is known for their green rolling hills and fields as far as the eye can see. Filled with history and historical sites such as Windsor Castle home to many of the Kings and Queens of England. Liverpool the home of the Beatles, and British city that changed things during the industrial revolution along with the strong influence of their culture and music. Bristol and Chester are also major cities to visit. Chester has the Roman influence that is still visible today. Bristol known for its bohemian atmosphere, quaint pastel cottages and their quirky eateries and shops.

England - Stonehedge - photo provided by Susan Eliuk

There is so much to say about England, but many visitors come to the unique Stonehenge. People come from all over especially during the Summer and Winter Solstices to see the astronomical alignment with the stones and the sun.

England is a place to visit with their quaint countryside’s, her coastlines and historical sites. The only way to experience her charm is to go visit and see for yourself.


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