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Fact Fry & Fun Series

When we cook, we talk, and when we talk, we share things, stories, ideas, facts. Often that's what makes cooking so much fun.

In these new segments Carrie Anne Stephenson and her co-host, Rheece De Veyra, will learn all about a local business while frying up something delicious. The people who cook aren't always professionals, though chiefs and restaurateurs will certainly be a focus.

Newsload's Fact Fry & Fun Logo

Why are cooking shows so popular? Outside of the obvious platitudes, it's because when you cook something, anything, it is also telling a story. It has a beginning, middle and end, and something CHANGES along the way.

The food goes from raw, unprepared and chaotic, to cooked, finished and ordered - and it has a climax, an ending where you can taste the results. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good, but, just like in our daily lives, so often it's the journey that matters more.

Rheece De Veyra and Carrie Anne Stephenson at Covent Garden Market filming Fact Fry & Fun for The Newsload

This is what we hope to capture with this series. Yes it's commercial as hell and we make no apologies for giving local businesses a platform to show off their talents and their recipes - but it will have heart in spades.

This show is truly a Fact Fry and Fun for all to enjoy. Thanks for checking it out!

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