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Men & Girls Series

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

The reasons men purchase sex and strategies to stem demand for underage girls. How technology is used in more and more sophisticated ways to draw young girls in.

By Bryan Bakker

I like to think I'd have pursued this series, even if I didn't have teenage daughters. In 2018, I started a business called Railway City Improv, centred around providing improv classes to teens struggling with anxiety. (More in a coming post)

Kelly Franklin, Executive Director of Courage For Freedom

Visiting a local Wellkin Meeting, to promote my new business, I was lucky enough to hear a presentation by Kelly Franklin. Kelly, who comes from an affluent background, was abused by her father at an early age. With the emotional toll of that abuse weighing on her she fell in with organized crime and was subsequently trafficked throughout her youth. She endured the murder of friends, prison, a contract on her life, homelessness and yet, through perseverance, a new found faith and the love of family, has been able to rise up and become an internationally known speaker and teacher who regularly trains police, politicians and business leaders on how to fight sex trafficking while addressing the unique needs of rescued girls.

This video, produced by us in 2019, gives a good overview of Kelly and what her organization Courage For Freedom does.

After the presentation we chatted about doing some documentary work together. Then, when I subsequently visited her farm to see how she helped rescued girls, she told me a lot of film work had already been done. With more probing however, we both realized, that very little of it actually focused on the single biggest factor, that could turn the tide, if the message could get through.

Something has to be done about demand -- about the buyers -- about men.

Like any marketplace, if there is no demand there would be no need for supply. Everything is an information war and every day, real battles are being lost, to slow sex trafficking.

Through the eyes of Kelly Franklin, Executive Director of 'Courage For Freedom', and others, we're telling dark stories with inspirational ends.

This series will focus on:

  • Region - Through the trafficking hub of the London, Ontario region, we want to show how the new face of sex trafficking is rural and urban.

  • Male Psychology - We want to understand how, otherwise moral, men can disassociate from the girls they abuse. We want to debunk rationalizations like these girls are choosing the life.

  • Technology - Cell phones and social media are used in sophisticated ways to entrap women & girls. We want to explore how technology is steadily expanding this dark market.

  • Nature - horses and natural settings can have a profound impact on girls who are rescued. We want to show how light, kindness and life can overcome darkness.

Original Men & Girls Theme Song

This song touches deeply on the triggers and harms that drive today's domestic sex trade. It was produced with the help of Jaclyn Van Happen, another amazing local talent.

Thank you for your interest in this project. if you would like to help us move this project forward please subscribe to the Newsload.


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