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My Son, The Hurricane Cometh

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Newsload Special Correspondent Carrie Anne Stephenson interviews Danno and Sylvie from My Son The Hurricane! Carrie gets the scoop on Danno's sense of love, success and tabletop album enders and Sylvie's take on fashion, dodging cars, dreams of RuPaul and her drive to make sure the show goes on!

The back of London Music Hall in London, Ontario

As we entered The London Music Hall on Friday I discovered, as a local kid who had lived outside London my whole life, just how awesome that place is! Call me a country bumpkin (kind'a proud of that if I'm honest) but although I had been in and around it many times I had never entered, until Friday to film Carrie Anne interview this growing Canadian Legend --- My Son The Hurricane!!!

As the band set up for their standing room only show Danno and Sylvie were kind enough to give us a few minutes of their time and we leveraged the fuck out of it! Both have interesting journey's, solidly planted feet and a great sense for what's important.



"MSTH are now legends in Fernie BC after their monstrously fun set at Wapiti. And to boot, they are one of the most professional and organized bands I've ever booked in my eight years on the job."

-Chantel Vincent, Artistic Director-Wapiti Music Festival, Fernie BC

"Huge energy and audience engagement, so much buzz, and they added a lot to the weekend. Plus they were really chill to work with." -Liz Scott, Artistic Director-Mariposa, Orillia ON

"My Son The Hurricane brings energy, heavy grooves, and showmanship that will immediately pack any dance floor. Such a combination made for one of the most exciting nights Edge of the World Music Festival has ever seen."

-Pete Moore, Artistic Director-Edge of the World, Haida Gwaii BC

"The energy level between the crowd and band is way off the charts, you do not want to miss a single second of this show!" -Paul McAllister, Artistic Director-Follyfest, Gagetown NB

"Roots music fans discovered they really can get funky and hipped and hopped to the unique sound, dazzling choreography and audience connection that this brass based tour de force brought to the stage. It was BlissFunkmania."

-Jim Gillespie, Executive Director/Founder-Blissfest, Petosky MI

“I don’t think there will ever be a medium which will be able to capture the energy, the sound, and the theatrics entirely. You just have to see My Son The Hurricane live.”

-Kingston Music Reviews

“...charged the crowd expertly, working them into a frothy sea suitable to receive their aforementioned stage dive.” -The East Mag "A fresh, new, exhilarating sound with plenty of attitude. They wowed the audience and the fans were raving about their performance. Book 'em!!" -Tim Moher, Artistic Director-Belmont Village Bestival, Kitchener ON “...a fusion that one simply needs to experience live.” -Buying Shots for Bands "I see a lot of bands. And My Son the Hurricane is one that stopped me in my tracks" - Paul Morris, Music Director-97.7 HTZ FM "It will blow you away..." -New Canadian Music "My Son the Hurricane were a breeze to work with, they were very accommodating and communicative. Their set was a highlight of the festival." -Jeremie Boudreau, Artistic Director-Messtival, Anagance NB


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