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Travel Tuesday: Austria - More Than The Sound Of Music

Have you ever seen the famous movie the Sound of Music or heard those words. It originated in the beautiful mountain country of Austria.

Picture of Austrian palace - provide by Travel Agent Susan Eliuk

The Alps have an impressionable impact on your soul when you visit Austria. The beauty of the wildflowers in the fields, in the valleys and up the slops of the mountains. If you enjoy winter sports or hiking, you will certainly get your fill with what the Alps have to offer at any time of the year.

If you love the Sound of Music movie, then you must visit Slazburg. The movie was filmed at the Mirabell Palace right in Salzburg. A stunning place to walk around and envision their lifestyle that has long been preserved since 1606 when it was first built by the prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich for his mistress.

Austria's capital is Vienna and most people arrive there by plane or train from other countries. Now, it is filled with the history, music and culture that really had a impact on the other European countries for its time. Many people are familiar with Mozart and Beethoven. Doing a walking tour with a local guide you get to explore the streets they walked, the houses they lived in and learn on how they impacted the societies of back then and even upn to our day!

Vienna is the city to enjoy and embrace yourself with the music culture of Vienna. I attended one that had Opera singers, ballet dancers along with the array of musicians that made it a magical moment, with the impressive carvings in the ceilings and walls of the small music hall we were sitting in. There are many Opera theaters to tour and experience the compositions of the famous composers.

A desert in served in an Picture of Austrian palace - provide by Travel Agent Susan Eliuk

In Vienna itself you need at least 3 days to enjoy, to see the sites, sign up for a cooking class and especially visit the Sacher Hotel the ultimate of luxury at this hotel. If you can’t stay there, you need to go in and have their famous Chocolate Torte Cake they are known for and have a specialty hot chocolate or coffee. You will feel like royalty with the décor and the beautiful crystal chandeliers and ambiance since it once was only a hotel for diplomats and royalty. This cake is so famous it is shipped all over the world for its secret recipe.

Vienna was known for it being liberal with their fashion designs along with making shoes. To this day there is still a shoemaker that will fit your foot to a design of their handmade shoes they make for you. The main cobblestone square Stephansplatz named after the cathedral one of the tallest around the world is the main shopping area of Vienna so filled with life during the day and into the night.

There are so many pastry shops throughout Austria, and you cannot just pass by them, if not for a taste but just for a look at all their pastry creations.

The Belvedere Palace is a must see, two castles in one, with it gardens in front of the palace and the garden in the back. The pond in the front of the Palace was positioned in such a way when you’re coming up to it, with the reflections, it was if you were seeing two Palaces at one time. You can imagine the time when the carriages were guided to the massive stairs at the front entrance how impressive it was with their ballroom attire walking up the stairs, both men and women. Now, this Palace is the most visited museum, with its artwork, the décor, learning of its history and how they have preserved a lot of the famous artist paintings such as Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss. If you are an art lover, you do not want to miss visiting the Belvedere Palace.

Have your read the story of King Arthur, he was imprisoned in this area of Durnstein. You can visit the village as well as walk up to the ruins of the prisons, view the graveyards, enjoy the crafts this town has to offer or even bike throughout the whole countryside along the Danube River.

Austria is filled with castles, history, breathtaking scenery along with its architectural structures that appear especially in Vienna but any city and small town you may visit through the countryside. You will be amazed to learn what this small country has to offer and how it influenced many countries throughout the world.

Picture of Austrian palace - provide by Travel Agent Susan Eliuk

One way to really enjoy Austria is to take a river cruise down the Danube River visiting many places along the river to see the vineyards, medieval influences, castles and tasting their amazing apricot spritz, jams, candies and fresh fruits and vegetables and beer made by Monks still to this day. There is still so much more to this beautiful country of Austria.

Picture of Austrian palace - provide by Travel Agent Susan Eliuk


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