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Travel Tuesday: Believe in Belize

Belize is an English-speaking country right next to Mexico and Guatemala, located in Central America. If you have never been there before, I highly recommend checking this amazing country out with all that it has to offer.

Beach in Belize, Provided by Susan Eliuk

It is the perfect getaway for the winter blues to explore, enjoy the beautiful white sand, crystal blue waters, their swaying palms trees and marvelous blue sky and to top if off with the mix of the Mestizo people and their culture.

Belize has twelve impressive Mayan Ruins to visit and explore even as families. This will you allow you to see how massive and advanced this civilization was. What they were able to accomplish and how intelligent they were as a nation.

The whole country has a very diversified landscape with rain forest, mountains, their abundance of wildlife throughout its seventeen national parks and a haven if you are a bird watcher along with the corals in her reef.

If you love to snorkel like me, you will want to visit Belize. Belize is situated on the second largest barrier reef. The name is Belize Barrier Reef which is located about three hundred meters offshore noted as UNESCO World Heritage Site. When I snorkeled, I saw so many distinct colors of coral and so many species of fish. The reef consists of multiple coral islands teaming with marine life and multiple colors. The different fish in the areas amount to over five hundred varied species. If you love to see coral, there are over seventy species of hard coral and thirty-six soft coral species. Within the Belize Barrier Reef you can visit the Turneffe Atoll where you can discover the creeks, mangroves island, cayes (small islands surrounded by coral reefs) and lagoons.

Truly a diver’s paradise if you want to explore the depths below to be Wowed, throughout the over seventy dive sites. One dive site that has received a lot of attention is the Blue Hole. Since the weather is warm all year-round snorkeling and diving is totally enjoyed at any time of the year.

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Belize is not the country if you are looking for the all-inclusive resorts, only. The resorts are set up on the European Plan. They want you to get out and mingle with the local people to experience their friendliness and warm culture and impressive food at their local restaurants. Here are a few of their top restaurants, the Bistro at the Mayan Beach Hotel, (which will give you a French twist to Belizean dishes), Grove House, Elvi’s Kitchen, and Estel’s Dine by the Sea to name a few, tasting their original Belizean food and flavors.

I enjoyed visiting Belize, such a beautiful country, loved snorkeling, the Mayan culture, and the wildlife. When you visit you will not be disappointed.


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