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Want an Epic flight?

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

How do you feel when you are in the air for a flight? I feel exhilarated, a sense of happiness I am going somewhere to explore - a new adventure. Flying in an airplane is something, but what about a hot air balloon?

I always wanted to go on one, but I made my dream come true while visiting Turkey.

I would see those amazing balloons in flight but only in pictures. Who would have thought I would be able to be in one of those pictures and experience this epic adventure in the Cappadocia area? It is a real flight, and really hard to put into words the emotions of how you are feeling unless you are in the basket yourself going up, up and away.

The anticipation of knowing you are going on one but the actual day of going is so exciting and exhilarating. Even if you couldn’t sleep the night before, afraid you would miss your early morning alarm, we had to be ready for 4:30 am departure. We had to catch the calmness of the air. The opportunity to see the moon still in the sky and as it sinks lower and lower beyond your vision - the rays of our beautiful sun peeping up and over the hills of Cappadocia.

You are picked up at your hotel. Ours was the Sophie Hotel, that takes you back to another era. The Sophie Hotel is a cave hotel - another story, for another time. As you are driving to your balloon destination, it is just starting to twinkle with a glimmer of light, but the moon is shining brightly up in the sky. Then you come upon a sight to behold, a field with lots of balloons everywhere, starting to be filled with hot air, others just starting to get unpacked and yet some already ascending into the sky.

There are all different shades and colors. It is spectacular to see these balloons everywhere.

We find our captain and our designated assigned balloon, and we climb in, all of us one by one into a small compartment that is big enough for 3. As they were pumping more gas to the flames, we steadily rose.

Oh, I had better not forget the safety drill that we had to practice as to the proper procedure while we are landing. You must follow their instructions for your safety.

As we were rising higher and higher there were so many others both rising and preparing to lift off. There was no bad spot in the basket to enjoy the breathtaking view from. Up and up we went, soaking in the captivating landscapes below.

We ascended above the clouds. At one point reaching 5500 feet. To see the moon still in the sky as it was going down and to see the sun peaking over the hills in the background. The view of hundreds of balloons in the air some higher some lower and their burst of colors filling the early morning sunrise, totally amazing!

The only sounds that you hear is the tanks going off to make the flames for the hot air to rise into our stretched-out balloon to keep us floating and drifting all throughout the countryside.

Seeing the fairy rocks as they call them is a unique experience. In that area, they look like pointed sticks that were just planted there with their holes on the sides where people have dug out their homes and what’s still amazing, is that some people still live there after all these years.

My words don’t come close to describing this incredible experience. I have seen many pictures of this adventure but for me to experience this and be up in the air on this balloon ride and see the beauty --- epic.

I still pinch myself and say was that real? Was I there? What a magical time during our G-Adventure tour in Turkey.

The experience was a travel dream come true and I will treasure the sites I saw and experienced. The landing had to take a few attempts so we could land on the back of their transportation trailer but at last success! After we all disembarked, they gave us champagne and a certificate to award us.

Don’t just dream about doing this experience, you just must do it. You will have no regrets! Go for that Epic Ride!


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