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Travel Tuesday: Join The Club

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

As a Travel Agent, I get asked about resorts all the time. There are so many to choose from yet today it's got to be Club Med.

Club Med Resort in Italy - ocean skyline

Club Med was the first original resort over 70 years ago, to implement the All Inclusive concept, and I love it!!! Just like many of you do.

Being a guest you get the true vibe for fun, exploring and action.

Club Med’s main concern has been to be an environmentally sustainable resort allowing you to have a better vacation while protecting the environment and breathtaking landscapes around them.

Club Med Resort in Italy - top down view

Their design for activity, doesn’t take away the Zen needed in life to enjoy nature enabling you to get rejuvenated with your body, mind and soul. Encouraging families to play together, eat together and learn together. Yet, not forgetting the adult quiet places to enjoy serenity for your soul.

Club Med Resort in Italy - resort frontage

Their impeccable service and attention to detail and flavours with their gastronomy experiences is something to enjoy even incorporating the flavours from the locals.

Amazing Kids Club and Teen Clubs, with entertainment the whole family can enjoy! A definite place to try out 60 different water sports, or the Trapeze school, one of my favourites that I tried.

Club Meds allow you to have a hassle free vacation, the peace of mind you will be cared for and have services to enhance your vacation to the fullest!

Club Med Resort in Italy - resort patio


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